Elena in 2x15 - ‘The Dinner Party’

Ian Somerhalder for XOXO The Mag October 2014

Ian Somerhalder for XOXO The Mag October 2014

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Raleigh looking at Mako

#to fight monsters we created soulmates


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I’m sure he looks at her with a new respect and in a whole bunch of different ways. Not only can she fight and protect herself but, she’s opened up a soft spot inside of Daryl. And that’s probably the area that he’s most uncomfortable with in the world; more so than a zombie apocalypse. -NR

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Historian and Feminist Scholar Gerda Lerner

Anonymous asked: "Leedus shares a trailer??? o:"



Yes they do, my dear!

When filming, the main and reoccurring cast members are given code names on call-sheets and such in the hopes that it might throw off spoiler seekers from their game for awhile. It is known now that Andrew Lincoln’s code name is Otis and Norman Reedus’s is Godzilla.

Here’s their trailer:


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"The world has been a really cool classroom that we’re all in together, sort of bouncing around, learning, failing often and passing sometimes."