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"Most stories are about people who fall in love with each other. But what about the rest of us? What about our stories?"



Delena: Season 5 pt. 1

Episodes 1-5

"I’m not a Hero, Elena.”

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Laura / Almanzo

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Bethyl week | Day five

After an accident while hunting, Daryl dreams of blonde hair, blue eyes and sunshine smile.


GETTING THROUGH 7 MONTHS WITHOUT TWD: GIF MANIPS » Daryl checks in on Beth and Judith before going on a run.

"Stay safe."

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m a d e  i t

The running theme this season with Damon and Elena brushing things under the rug and walking on eggshells but there were moments when you could see their insecurities surfacing for even a few seconds but they were there. And this parallel above is so important in capturing that because both of them out of the fear of disturbing their happiness and needing their relationship to be perfect, tried to silence their own fears and insecurities and signs of knowing the other was insecure because they were afraid, taking on from the season 4 finale, that they in fact did feel guilty. They did still question it and think it wasn’t right but they wanted it and they thought the only way to do that was by being other people in shelving their issues until they blew up in their faces, and they couldn’t lie anymore or pretend everything was okay.  But once the glass shattered, when either one of them tried to act like it was okay, the other would point out it wasn’t because it really wasn’t. But that didn’t mean that their love wasn’t real. It just meant they needed to justify it with moral reasons, even when they knew deep down it wasn’t. In the 5x18 scene, you see a shift from 5x03 when Damon tells her that he doesn’t want to know – he wants her to tell him a white lie because he can’t deal with the truth but she tells him “You NEED to know” because as much as the lies protected their bubble, it hurt them a lot more.  And so in 5x18, Elena tells Damon what the dreams were about even when he doesn’t want to listen, even though it’ll hurt him to make him understand that even if it was perfect and ideal, she doesn’t want it and as messed up as they are, they were real and that meant so much more to her than some dream planted in her head, even if it was beautiful because it was an easier life, a life with her parents alive, a life as a human and where she was married and had kids. Stefan could have been replaced with anyone in that dream. But here she’s admitting that those expectations of a perfect life weren’t all that meaningful because what she really needed was him in her life. She didn’t love what he could offer her; she loved him and it was unhealthy so she wanted to settle for a friendship, in front of not having him at all." ~lovesyoufromtheground